Snorkeling Spots

Best Virgin Island Snorkeling

Ready to dive in and see some tropical fish? The Virgin Islands are home to numerous world-class snorkeling spots. We’ve featured below some of our favorite places to snorkel. Depending on where you are in the Islands— calm harbors where turtles snack on seagrass, or hidden caverns full of parrotfish, you’re sure to see something new and exciting at every great snorkeling spot. 

Of course, not every snorkeling spot is the same. Different terrains, locations, and ecosystems bring out a variety of marine animals. Everything from the Eagle Rays often spotted at Christmas Cove to the sea turtles you may discover off of The Baths at Virgin Gorda. 

Each spot may be different, but nearly all of these world-famous snorkeling spots have one thing in common: you’re going to need a boat to get you there. Let us help you plan the perfect day of sun-soaked snorkeling at some of our favorite spots. Our licensed, professional Captains will take you and your family on a luxury powerboat island-hopping excursion to all the best snorkeling spots around!  

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